European Cooperation Day

European Cooperation Day (also known as “EC Day”) is celebrated on 21 September each year.

Europe is a mix of cultures and economies that need to understand each other to reach their full potential. For this reason, the European Union (EU) encourages cooperation in different ways. One of them is through the cooperation programmes, which allocate more than 10 billion euros for regions to work together on common challenges: climate adaptation, social inclusion, migration …

How is this done in practice? Through projects involving regions across Europe and neighbouring countries. They have helped to increase cultural understanding and overcome economic disparities in all territories. Don’t you think this is a good reason to celebrate?

With the European Cooperation Day’ campaign, citizens are reminded that many good things come out of it when you use your strength. In past editions, people cycled, sang, ate and generally enjoyed themselves in the company of others at hundreds of events organised by EU cooperation programmes in more than 30 countries.

Everyone can join in this celebration. In September, many events are organised in different regions of Europe to celebrate the benefits of cooperation: film festivals, concerts, races, local markets, food fairs…


Sep 21 2020


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