CILIFO – European Week for Waste Reduction

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CILIFO Project – Forest waste management

Within the framework of the CILIFO project, financed by FEDER funds through the Interreg VA Spain-Portugal POCTEP (2014-2020) cross-border cooperation programme, the Finnova Foundation, a project beneficiary, proposes a round table to analyse the challenges posed by waste and innovation linked to the circular economy in the forest waste sector, as a means of enhancing the local economy and preventing forest fires.

The CILIFO project contributes to the adaptation and mitigation of climate change. Therefore, CILIFO is working on the right management of forest waste and its valorisation to help find innovative solutions to promote adaptation and mitigation of climate change. During the conference, the Green Deal will be discussed and the award ceremony for the 2nd Edition CILIFO – Firefighting StartUp Europe Awards 2020 (SEUA-CILIFO) will be held.

The idea is to hold the event at the European Committee of the Regions in Brussels, as the action was held there last year in the framework of the EWWR. This year (2020) we also want to hold the action there, but if there are no rooms available or if the development of COVID-19 is not favourable, an online event will be held. The official languages of the event are Spanish, Portuguese and English.

Proyecto CILIFO – Gestión de los residuos forestales // CILIFO Project – Forest waste management


Oct 27 2020


8:00 AM - 6:00 PM