CILIFO experts present progress in forest fire prevention

18.03.2020. Espacio Protegido is a Canal Sur news programme dedicated to covering current environmental issues in the region of Andalusia. Last Saturday, March 14, a program entitled “Forest Fires: The University of Fire” was broadcast.


Scientists from the University of Cordoba and the CSIC, both of which are beneficiaries of the Iberian Centre for Research and the Fight against Forest Fires (CILIFO), took part in the Canal Sur report “Forest Fires: The University of Fire”.

The head of the CILIFO project at the University of Cordoba, Francisco Rodríguez y Silva, took part in the report as an expert and explained the advances in forest fire prevention and extinction.



The Iberian Centre for Research and Fight against Forest Fires (CILIFO) is a project approved by the Interreg POCTEP (2014-2020) Spain-Portugal Programme, which belongs to Thematic Objective 5 of the Programme, which promotes adaptation to climate change in all sectors. It also responds to the investment priority, with respect to the POCTEP Programme, 5B: Promotion of investment to address specific risks and guarantee adaptation to disasters and development of disaster management systems. One of the objectives of the CILIFO project is to promote the creation of sustainable and quality employment in the area and to reduce the economic cost of fires by creating a rural economy linked to the landscape.