Webinar – Accelerathon information session – CILIFO: prevention, extinction and habitat recovery after forest fires

 The Centro Ibérico para la Investigación y Lucha contra Incendios Forestales (CILIFO) invites civil society, entrepreneurs, technological institutes, companies and universities to participate in the webinar on the Accelerathon – CILIFO, an open innovation programme organised by the Startup Europe Accelerator of the Finnova Foundation, a beneficiary of the CILIFO project.

Check out the webinar here!


Inform about the CILIFO project and the progress of the project, as well as the work developed by each beneficiary; promote “networking” and open innovation through the “Firefighting Open Innovation Lab – CILIFO” incubator/accelerator, which allows the capture of innovative solutions to common challenges that can attract Community funds through current open calls, such as the LIFE environment programme; or promote the CILIFO community to work on common challenges.


The aim is to meet the challenge 13 and 15 of the UN SPOs to innovate in taking urgent action to combat climate change and its effects, as well as to protect, restore and promote the sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss.

The challenges ahead:

  • Prevention of forest fires.
  • Extinguishing forest fires.
  • Habitat restoration after forest fires

These challenges aim to identify innovative solutions, in addition to attracting companies, public or private entities, start-ups or entrepreneurs who define their environmental challenges in terms of forest fire prevention and recovery.

The aim of this initiative is to promote innovative challenges and be able to apply them to the real world of forest fire prevention, extinction and recovery through European funding. Furthermore, thanks to this tool, the CILIFO project and the progress of the project developed by the beneficiaries in the territory of the cross-border region of Alentejo-Algarve-Andalusia are given visibility.


Who is it aimed at?

Accelerathon is an innovation competition in which entrepreneurs, universities, technological institutes, business associations, city councils, industrial parks, SMEs and entities in general (public and private) from all over the world can participate, on the condition that they are committed to the challenges of the above mentioned.

 A team competition with training

The competition of the different teams will be done with e-learning tools and with the LIFE methodology, a joint work will be done to obtain optimal solutions. Participating users will be able to take a training course on EU funding.

Duration and prizes

The Accelerathon-CILIFO program will last approximately two weeks (from June 17th, when registration closes, to June 26th, when the final will take place). As a prize, a European acceleration ticket will be awarded to access Community funds, to go international or to co-draft a European project on the CILIFO theme.


Beatriz Martínez Muñoz (European Projects and Communication Technician at Finnova)

+34 605 52 10 84

José Manuel Requena Benítez (International Project Manager at Finnova)

+34 639 99 15 27