Researcher Nuno Guiomar’s interview on forest fires to Observador

16.06.2020. Nuno Guiomar, researcher of MED – Mediterranean Institute for Agriculture, Environment and Development and member of the project CILIFO – Iberian Centre for Research and Fight against Forest Fires, financed by the programme INTERREG España-Portugal, is the interviewee of the Radio Observador.

The interview, which was part of the Som Ambiente programme, focused on demystifying the causes of the ignition of fires, the effect of aerial means on the meteorological situations that determine major events. Nuno Guiomar considers that it is this small number of occurrences that explains the annual variability of the burnt area, and the residual effect of the forest composition on the behaviour of fire in extreme weather situations. In this sense, it sought to clarify that efforts should be directed towards the management of forest fuels, which accumulate at the scale of forest stands and landscape, and that this accumulation is motivated by the convergence of different processes associated with the decrease in the intensity of land use.

The interview: