European Research and Innovation Days 2020

22.09.2020. The European Commission is holding the European Research and Innovation Days from today until 24 September 2020. The conference is the European Commission’s annual flagship event, bringing together policy makers, researchers, entrepreneurs and citizens to discuss and shape the future landscape of research and innovation in Europe. It aims to mobilise all EU citizens and increase general awareness and understanding of the importance of research and innovation in addressing societal challenges.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event of this year will be entirely online and will provide a unique opportunity to discuss how research and innovation will benefit Europe’s future just before the launch in 2021 of Horizon Europe, the next research and innovation programme, and a revitalised European Research Area.

“By creating connections between cutting-edge scientific research and the most urgent challenges of a generation, the European Research and Innovation Days represent a unique opportunity to join the conversation and bring about real change,” according to the official website.

Due to its involvement with the lines of innovation contemplated in the CILIFO project, those discussions and agreements adopted during these days, referring to the HUB 2: The European Green Pact and the HUB 4: for the development and implementation of the Horizon Europe Programme (2021-2027).

Climate change, the loss of biodiversity and the damage to our soils, oceans and waterways all pose a threat to our very existence. During some sessions of this conference we will analyse how research and innovation can drive the urgent change that we and our planet need, the so-called European Green Deal.

The European Green Deal could be a unique opportunity to implement a green and sustainable economy in Europe, and with that, it would facilitate the mitigation of climate change (one of CILIFO’s objectives) and its effects. It would also provide the framework for a commitment to make these transitions fair and not leave anyone behind. Research and innovation will help accelerate this huge change, which is more than necessary in the current climate, towards a circular economy.

Linked to the Green Deal and as an objective to which it leads, Horizon Europe (2021-2027) is the EU’s largest and most ambitious research and innovation programme to date. It aims to keep the EU at the forefront of global research and innovation for the twin transitions to digital and green. It will develop how investment in research and innovation can help drive Europe’s resilient recovery from the coronavirus crisis.

Horizon Europe’s extensive co-design and co-creation activities have been a great success so far, involving national representatives, members of the European Parliament, researchers, businesses and the general public. The conference will provide continuity to this work, by further shaping strategic planning and action design during interactive sessions on the six programme clusters and other components.

The Policy Conference

The Policy Conference is the core of the European Research and Innovation Days. Innovation in Europe, and specialised centres covering 10 key themes, brings cutting-edge scientific research to concrete global problems. Each centre will have a virtual reception providing information on specific themes of the centre, meeting rooms for discussions and dedicated meetings and a virtual meeting room for policy sessions.

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