Prevention is one of the main actions against forest fires, and it includes both preventive silviculture on forest fuel and other actions aimed at raising public awareness on the forest fire problem: “social prevention”.

Environmental education and awareness is a complement to environmental policies and actions. It is known that without the active and committed involvement of all members of society, the environmental strategies carried out by public and private organisms wouldn’t be enough to face the challenges of sustainable development. In this regard, knowing ceasefire mechanisms and the disastrous consequences of forest fires is a vital link in the chain which leads us to their prevention.

The actions within this task are:

  • Action 3.1. Primary and secondary schools.
  • Action 3.2. Politicians and legislators, journalists and reporters, landscapers and architects, and sector entrepreneurs.
  • Action 3.3. Tourists, society in fire risk areas within an urban-forest interface society at large.