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Another pillar of the CILIFO center is the training of the staff for a proper performance of their duties, and to avoid and reduce risks and disasters. The aim is that CILIFO becomes the starting point for the evolution of the current system (based on theoretical training courses) into a more practical system for the staff, focused on the necessary competences for the deployment of the “Emergency Management System for Forest Fires” (SMEIF, in Spanish) during a wildfire. The implementation of this “Accreditation System” provides standardization, professionalism and safety to the new theater of fire-fighting operations.

The actions within this task are:

  • Action 2.1. Training plan for workers in the sector of fire emergencies.
  • Action 2.2. Accreditation of the operational command.
  • Action 2.3. Joint protocols Alentejo-Algarve-Andalusia.

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