With the planned investment in the project, work will be carried out to improve certain facilities for shared use among the partners. Most of these facilities are over 20 years old, and many of them have undergone a process of deterioration due to use, becoming obsolete according to new accessibility and structural requirements. Others, newly constructed, represent critical operational links for the mobilization of personnel and resources in the fight against forest fires.

In addition, CILIFO, as a reference center, will have an infrastructure where its headquarters and central offices are located. This site will be a center of the Andalusian Regional Government in the province of Huelva to provide services to the entire Alentejo-Algarve-Andalusia Euroregion (AAA).

The actions within this task include:

  • Action 1.1. Establishment of the CILIFO Center.
  • Action 1.2. Provision, rehabilitation, and improvement of infrastructure.