The second event of the CILIFO Project in the framework of the European Green Week 2020 is held in GoHub Sevilla

23.09.2020. The European Green Week European (#EUGreenWeek), organised by the European Commission, focuses this year nature and biodiversity. The CILIFO Project is holding several seminars to be part of a weeK that will act as a milestone on the way to the Conference of the Parties (COP 15) of the Agreement on Biological Diversity.

The European Commission decided that the conference of the EU Green Week will take place this year in autumn from 20 to 22 October 2020, with associated events taking place between the 14th September and the 23rd October.

On Monday, September 28, 2020, the Global Omnium Auditorium, located in the Seville Aquarium, will host the second event of the CILIFO Project within the framework of the #EUGreenWeek- two more events are planned in Cadiz and Cordoba.


The Finnova Foundation is part of the public-private partnership that makes up the CILIFO Project, 75% of which is financed by the Cross-border Cooperation Interreg VA España – Portugal – POCTEP (2014-2020) Program. CILIFO acts to strengthen and bring together cooperation, working procedures and training between the devices of Prevention and Extinction of Forest Fires in the area of cooperation of the Alentejo-Algarve Andalucia Euroregion and is led by the Government of Andalucia.

The event, scheduled for September 28th in Seville, is a seminar on financial opportunities for environmental projects in the field of forest fires, circular economy, biodiversity management and promotion of innovative solutions in water management to help mitigate and adapt to climate change, will present cases of good practices. This event will serve as a presentation of the FIREPOCTEP Project proposal, as an example of replication and exploitation of CILIFO results, which leads to the realization of the FIREPOCTEP Project. Finnova will be supported by GoHub, Sevilla Futura and the beneficiaries of the CILIFO project.

The conference (face-to-face / virtual) will be attended by European representatives – MEPs and/or European Commission officials -, entrepreneurs, start-ups and spokespersons from public and private organizations and institutions. Being part of the European Union Green Week is an opportunity for the CILIFO Project and the city of Seville to show the initiatives and achievements in prevention and extinction against possible emergencies or fires.

GoHub is the open innovation hub of the Global Omnium group, which manages the integral water cycle in 400 cities in Spain and is a worldwide reference in the sector. The hub, the first deep tech hub in Spain, provides through its startups disruptive solutions applicable to water, industry 4.0 and smart cities. GoHub promotes responsible and sustainable innovation with its different programmes and calls, including a project to turn Andalusia into an international hub for managing the water cycle in times of climate crisis through innovative solutions to real problems.


The aim is to meet the challenge 13, 15 and 6 of the UN OSDs to innovate in taking urgent actions to fight climate change and its effects, as well as to protect, restore and promote the sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, manage sustainably the forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss. In addition, there is the need to ensure the availability of water and its sustainable management and sanitation in order to fight climate change.


European Green Week 2020 is scheduled on the theme of nature and biodiversity. Following the adoption of a new EU Biodiversity Strategy for May 2030, Green Week will highlight the contribution that biodiversity can make to society and the economy and the role it can play in supporting and stimulating recovery in a post-pandemic world, generating jobs and sustainable growth. EU Green Week will examine how EU policies, such as the European Green Agreement, can help to protect and restore nature, leaving room for recovery and prosperity.

The #EUGreenWeek will also act as a milestone on the road to the Conference of the Parties (COP 15) of the Agreement on Biological Diversity, now planned for 2021, where world leaders will adopt a 10-year action plan for biodiversity: a new global agreement for people and nature.


The project “Iberian Center for Research and Fight Against Forest Fires” (CILIFO) focuses on the fight against forest fires and their consequences for the adaptation and mitigation of climate change; in a framework of cross-border cooperation for risk prevention and improvement of natural resource management in Spain and Portugal in the area of the Euroregion Alentejo – Algarve – Andalusia. CILIFO is framed in the Thematic Objective 5 of the POCTEP Program: Promoting adaptation to climate change in all sectors; and responds to the investment priority, regarding the POCTEP Program, 5B: Promoting investment to address specific risks and ensuring adaptation to disasters and development of disaster management systems.

With a duration of three years (2019 o 2021), aims, through the results of its activities, to establish itself as a permanent Center for the promotion and development of training, awareness, development and innovation, and interregional cooperation in the fight against forest fires.

CILIFO is being developed thanks to the collaboration of a public-private partnership, led by the Government of Andalucia and composed of public research organisms, non-profit public interest entities and public administrations; all with the common objective of fighting forest fires.


FINNOVA ( is a European non-profit foundation, with headquarters in Brussels-Belgique, and offices and antennas in Spain (Sevilla, Valencia, Tenerife, Madrid y Vitoria), whose main purpose is seeking international funding related to the transfer of new technology, modernization, training, innovation for regional or local public administrations. Its main objective is promoting the international and interregional cooperation through networks and events, being its main fields of work the environment, energy, climate change, innovation and improvement of the quality of life.

Beatriz Martínez Muñoz
Técnica de Proyectos Europeos y Comunicación en la Fundación Finnova