CILIFO devotes attention to people with disabilities in forest fires

The ONCE Foundation, in the framework of the CILIFO project, held on Thursday the first social awareness conference dedicated to pay attention to diversity in forest fires.

Its objective was to help reduce the risks faced by people with disabilities, the elderly and other groups vulnerable to a natural disaster.

This meeting was addressed to agents oriented to emergency management, as well as to organizations and individuals who reside or enjoy the forest environment.

It was held in Seville, in the Territorial Delegation of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development of the Council of Andalusia and it counted with the presence, among others, of Lourdes González, coordinator of the CILIFO project at ONCE Foundation, and Natalí González , coordinator of the sensitization activity and technician of the Directorate of Universal Accessibility and Innovation of Fundación ONCE.

In the event it was explained in a practical way how to act when facing an emergency in the forest environment, as well as the techniques to adequately support people with disabilities. For example, the guidance of blind people in complex settings and communication with deaf people was mentioned. In addition, advice was provided aimed at promoting emergency communication through technology.